What is Cop Talk?

Cop Talk is a Bible Study / Fellowship group designed to bring “First Responder” types (Police Officers, Firefighters, Government Employee types and their families) closer to God. We have weekly Bible studies and times of fellowship at different times and locations through the week. We believe Jesus is the Christ and the promised Messiah, Savior of the world, and soon returning King of Kings!

Because you are part of Government, you are in a culture “all-its-own.”  The rest of the world does not see what we have to see or is able to understand the issues we are forced to deal with. Most times, these issues are very difficult to reconcile.  That is why we have put together this balanced team of “Law Enforcement Professionals” who love God to meet this need.

God has a plan, a purpose and a destiny for your life. “Cop Talk” will help  you discover and walk this out!  Hope to see you soon at one of our weekly meetings!

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