This meeting is designed for local law enforcement and first responders of every kind. Police officers and Government employees are incredibly unique. Because most of mainstream society can not understand or effectively relate to us, we have developed and built a safe place for you to hang out, build relationships and connect with God.


Each one of our speakers and leaders have been radically changed by God’s grace and want you to experience the Jesus we know is real. We learn much of what God has for us by studying God’s Word, applying life applications, and relating these experiences and wisdom with each other. Cop Talk is a place where Men and Woman of Authority can get straight answers, can aggressively tackle life’s difficulties, discuss real life issues and most importantly – connect with a REALLY BIG GOD!

When is it?

We have meetings several times a week now at different times and locations.  

Is food provided?

Yes! Lunch or Dinner is always provided at our meetings and we always take the time to hangout and eat as we build new relationships each and every week.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring your Bible and come as you are. Invite others to come along with you, these are meetings that you do not want to miss.